Using Roon with different user name on same PC [answered]

Hi All

New to Roon and need some advice

I use Roon on my PC as my core, OS is Windows 7, output is Bryston BDP 2. All working great apart from when my partner wants to listen to Roon on her user name on PC there is no roon icon on her desktop. Is it okay to download roon on her user account and if so how do I go about this? My music is on a internal hard drive (J Drive) I also have a tidal account linked. I would like for both of us to have access to our music library through the current set up, whilst being able to use the computer at the moment my partner cannot. Your advice would be much appreciated

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Hi @David_Yuen ----- Thank you for the report. Unfortunately this isn’t something our architecture supports right now. If you were to try and go this route you would essentially have two databases in place that are not linked each other and this mean that no edits, new music, or playlists could be shared between the two of you. This process would also involve having to authorize and de-authorize your license every time you would switch between users on the Win7 machine.

In the mean time, I would consider running your Roon core on a separate machine and you and your partner can both run Roon remotes, whether on the same device or on separate devices. In my house hold this is how I am currently setup with my girlfriend. I have Roon running on a NUC which remains active at all times and we access the core using our various devices (phones, laptops, tablets) which are acting as remotes.

Lastly, I would encourage you to take a look at our feature request section of community to share your ideas and feedback on what you would like to see from Roon in the future :microscope:


Hi Eric

Thank You for the information, I am looking to eventually store my music on a NAS drive and access via tablet/PC

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