Using Roon with ios


Hello, I’m trying roon and think I have setup everything as explained. But what I don’t get is using roon without having my notebook up and running?
This is what I use:
Notebook;ipad;Synology(music files);Tidal

Is there anything I need to install at syno?

Please tell me what is wrong…
Many thanks

Thanks for reaching out to us, @Thomas_Kruger!

Just to confirm: You currently have Roon installed on your Notebook, but you want to use Roon even when the Notebook is not active, correct?

You should check out our documentation about Roon Cores and how they work. To put it briefly, the Core machine is where your database lives and your remotes connect to that machine for control. This requires the Core machine to be active.

If you’re interested you can also check out our article about installing Roon on a NAS. This type of setup requires some additional consideration, so I definitely recommend giving that article a thorough read.

If you have any other questions about the please let us know!

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Hello Dylan
but this is wath I don’t understand…
Which files are to be installed on the nas?

Hi Thomas, you find the install here:
But make sure your NAS meets the requirements.

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I have a Synology DS213j
DSM 6.2
but it tells me…the package is not compatible or is not supported…