Using Roon with Pioneer DJM750 mixer


I’d like to use Roon through my Pioneer DJM-750 mixer. The mixer is connected to my Mac via USB, and a couple of powered speakers are then connected to the mixer.

I use Roon through other zones (Sonicorbiter to Schitt Bifrost / Sonicorbiter to ifi iDSD Black label / Mac to Schiit Fulla) and have no problem, but I can’t get any sound running through the Pioneer mixer, even though Roon seems to play the music to that zone OK.

Does anyone have any experience of using Roon in this way or any advice? Screenshots of setup included here.

Any help appreciated, thanks.

In these screenshots, you’re playing via the OS Mixer to the Pioneer. Do other sources (like, say YouTube) play to the Pioneer without issue?

I assume you confirmed the volume is up?

Hi Mike thanks for getting back to me. Yes YouTube and iTunes play fine to the Pioneer. It shows up as an output device in preferences and I just select it there. And yes, volume is up.

Hey @Tom_Williams – sorry for the slow response here. Can you test two things for me here, if you’re still having problems:

  • In Roon, enable System Output and try playing to the Pioneer that way – you’ll need to make sure the Pioneer is your default output in macOS
  • In Roon, try enabling Exclusive Mode for the Pioneer and playing that way – you won’t be able to play from other applications at the same time this way, but it will help us understand the issue here.


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