Using Roon with QOBUZ on IPOD Touch while away from home

I have both a Roon and QOBUZ subscription and they are set up on my home computer and use them to stream music to my Ayre hifi equipment.
What I want to do to stream music through my IPod Touch (7th generation) while at the gym, far away from my Roon core. How do I set this up, please? I bought an Apple Lighting to USB 3 camera adapter for this, but am still at a loss on how I can stream music using Roon/QOBUZ. Any step by step guide for that?

BTW: Why is the Roon user guide so ‘unfriendly’? WTF am I paying for?

Roon requires you to be on the local network with the Roonserver. There is no mobile version of Roon currently. I use the Qobuz app on my phone when I’m out of the house, or UAPP.

You can’t do it. But Qobuz has a facility to download stuff to your iPod to listen to offline, so you could stash a fair bit of music on your iPod and listen to it without depending on being online.

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