Using ROON with USB B (WASAPI) from laptop to MARANTZ NA1S1(networkplayer

I got ROON on my laptop and with JRiver I used to make a USB B connection between my laptop and the USB B connection (MARANTZ WASAPI)on the back of the MARANTZ NA 1 S11. Your manual is not clear about this. What adjustments do I have to make in the menu of ROON in order to make this work? I don’t like the AIRPLAY possibility, I prefer the USB B connection!

I have a NA8005 and I just connected Roon running on my MacBookPro to the USB-B port on the Marantz. In Roon, I selected the NA8005 as an endpoint, and it worked fine (bitperfect up to DSD-128 over DoP and 24/196 PCM).