Using ROON's equalizer function as a RIAA Phono Curve?

The going-in position here is that one has recorded Vinyl “flat” or with no phono preamp EQ. The other is that RAW formats are “the best” for archiving and post production. Skip this if you’re not into that.

I have a handful of out of print albums. I want to put them in my Roon Library. Using 24 Bit music files of recordings from vinyl with no phono (“flat”) has anyone implemented the RIAA EQ curve?

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If it was recorded flat does this not mean that is has no RIAA eq applied?

If it does, it seems it would be fairly simple to duplicate the curve…

Right- seems simple. I wanted to know if anyone else has done this. The curve values are most likely a google search away.

I think the gotcha is, that users have to be aware a un RIAA EQ’d track is being played. Otherwise it sounds thin. There is no auto enable DSP / EQ based on tag in Roon.