Using same HDD with two Roon Servers?

I use an Intel NUC with ROCK installed as my Roon Server with all the music files stored on an external USB disk attached to the NUC, however the NUC cooling fan stopped working and I am going to replace it, while I wait for the replacement fan to arrive (and figure out how to replace it), I would like to setup a spare mini PC I have sitting around as a temporary Roon Server.

I intend to use the last Roon backup from the NUC and restore that backup to the temp server, then simply use the same USB disk attached to the replacement server… I want to avoid any data issues when I eventually fix the NUC and reattach the external drive to it… What do I need to watch out for here?

My biggest concern is to lose the “Data Added” sorting which I really got used to (it traces back years of me adding various music on a timeline I can relate to)… I don’t want to lose that by moving the same HDD between two different roon servers…

Any hints on how best to secure against losing that? I will create/restore Roon backups with every move from one server to the other…


Hello Tareq, I think most of your answers will be answered in this article.

Thanks, I suppose this will also preserve the “Data added” information…

I assume so, although I have never moved to a new core myself, so I’m not 100 percent certain.