Using Squeezebox touch devices with Roon core

Roon Core Machine

MacBookPro and Roon Core works perfectly well in it.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

All in perfect order

Connected Audio Devices

At my second home no problem with my Argon Audio streamers, all works perfectly. Here at my home, Roon core works perfectly also.

Number of Tracks in Library

Don’t know but it is not very large.

Description of Issue

I started to use my Squeezebox touch streaming devices here last night, and logged out form Logitech media server. I got both my Squeezeboxes available as an audio zone in my Roon. However, now they have dropped out. In system output list, Squeezebox label appears in a box, and Roon tells that it is searching for Squeezebox devices. With no luck, unfortunately.
When I open LMS sever log, there is this message: “You’re using a SB Touch with a buggy firmware not recognizing this version of Logitech Media Server.
Please consider patching it. Until then we’ll try to play nice and return a fake version number…”

I have logged out from LMS server, just as Roon asks to do, so it looks that LMS is now somehow ruling out Roon from connecting to my Squeezebox touch devices.

Please advise if there’s anything I can do to circumvent this hostile behavior from LMS.

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I am not an LMS user, but wouldn’t this indicate that either you really need to update the SB Touch’s firmware or the message by LMS is spurious and hence an LMS issue?

I found a thread on the SB forum that’s ongoing from 2020 until now with the same message for SB Radio. Last page, from November, of 16 pages: Squeezebox Radio would not connect to LMS 8: "Update required" - Page 16

From Roon’s Knowledge Base at Roon Knowledge Base

Getting Started

Step 1: The first thing you should do is turn off any LMS servers running on your network. Roon’s Squeezebox functionality works by emulating LMS–if LMS is running on your network, devices may find and associate with it, or become confused.

So it is NOT enough to logout from your LMS Server, you have to stop it alltogether.

Thank you for your kind response and helpful comments. Good to know that there is no intentional antagonism between LMS and Roon. To be concise, I went on to check my squeezebox status and found that they both use the current (software) versions. So there was no problem there. Unfortunately for the situation, firmware update I was not able to run. However, after a lot of on-off-on measures, such as discarding and then downloading iPeng again, my squeezeboxes and iPeng skin started to work fine again. So, I now enjoy my multi-set hi-fi playback again as before ((keeping my thumbs crossed, though)!

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