Using Tags with Qobuz only

I really like the idea of using Tags with Roon, however I plan on using Qobuz more than local files. Those who primarily use Qobuz with Roon, what is your system for utilizing the Tag function?

I use tags for Qobuz as well, but you have to add tracks/albums to your library in order to tag them.

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Weclome to Roon Community @Alex_Coner

Once you’ve added a track or album to your library then there’s no distinction between Qobuz files and local files. This type of integration is one of the many useful features of Roon.

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I’ve actually had a bit of a time getting my head wrapped around Roon’s integration with Qobuz. Very happy to have come to understand it a bit more. I do wish that Qobuz/Roon had a mobile version of Focus, but hey, I’ll take what I can get.

Really wish that Roon could also adopt Apple’s Smart Playlist functionality: IF “Tag” (meets conditions) THEN “Playlist”.

You basically can but you use a bookmark instead. This link explains it better
but you are basically using “Focus” instead of the “IF” statement. Once you have all the criteria set the matching songs or albums will appear and you can then bookmark that Focus search. Any new albums that meet the criteria will become part of the results as well


Oooo… great to know! Now if only the Bookmarks were reflected in Qobuz’s mobile app (i.e. Apple CarPlay).

ahhhh, good point :slightly_smiling_face: