Using test license - great Software - but 1 Showstopper

I tested Roon the last week. And really, it is a great software. But I am unlucky with following 2 points. These keep me from buying a full license:

  • Missing Spotify-Integration: My whole family (wife and 3 daughters) is using Spotify. And it is really hard for me to convince them moving to Tidal. Ok, Tidal is a good replacement. So it is hard to convince them, but not impossible.

The real showstopper:

  • Only one Tidal account can be set in Roon. This means: No automatic syncing of playlists, played songs on the go, daughters played songs shown in my account, …

I read several postings in this forum - but I didn’t find an answer for my question:
Is it planned to integrate a feature, that every Roon user of one Roon instance can configure his own Tidal account?

I am really wondering that this is not already in place. E.g. with Sonos more than one account of Tidal (and also Spotify) can be set.


Not to pile on but the lack of separate profiles in Roon means that anyone with access can do anything they wish (intentionally or mistake) to the underlying music, files, playlists, etc.

It’s not really made for family use at this point.

Regarding Spotify, its been requested numerous times, apparently Spotify wants all the user metrics for themselves and won’t cooperate with Roon.

There is a lengthy feature request thread that is monitored by Roon folks but no timelines are given or even acknowledgement most of the time.

My take on Roon is use it for what it is NOW and don’t bet on future features or requests ever being fulfilled.


I believe I read a Roon rep say that Spotify wasn’t interested in a collaboration.

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It is easy enough to only provide read-only access to a smb share, if inadvertent change is feared. More importantly, backups of any data are essential, as relying on one copy is not prudent. My 2 cents.

Of course, backups are necessary. Making the share read-only would inhibit changes for everyone though…

I would expect in the years to come, the Roonies will add proper multi-user support but I suspect the current db in us doesn’t support it well. Getting away from Mono is a good start to be able to add more functionality as well.

Edit: How about two shares setup, one with full access and the other with read-only. Point Roon to both and toggle the storage location as needed. Definitely a hack and might cause analysis to run each time and not for the non-technical but could be useful.