Using the headphone port on an Intel NUC?

What kind of quality can I expect using Roon via the headphone port on an Intel NUC?

Some previous discussions on the same:

A couple hundred dollar dac would work.

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Audioquest Dragonfly Red will cure your ills

My exact thoughts to myself when I tried it last week was “would work for conference calls … that’s it”. Music was flat, lifeless, unengaging.

Vs. The full fidelity you expect when the NUC streams over USB plugged into two small compact dac/amps, my Massdrop Grace M9XX or Mojo. The beauty of the former is it sits perfectly on top of the NUC making for a fantastic little modular system. Not a perfect square, but close enough. If you’re not a massdrop member, Grace now sells it as the M900.