Using the Squeezebox to show the current title


I understand that the Squeezebox can’t be linked together with other devices to a zone. I wonder if you can hijack the Squeezebox so it shows the current title played on another device, say a USB-DAC, which has no display?

Thanks for any thoughts


Not currently (perhaps not in the future either) but you can do this with a Raspberry Pi and 7" Pi LCD and RoPieee here

It’s really worth thinking about… but using the hardware I already have would be cool, too :wink:

I gave up on my old SB3 and Duet units years ago…the SB3’s all died and the Duet remote can’t get batteries and after fudging my own several times just to get it running I gave up on them.

I have a RPi with LCD and IQAudio Digiamp HAT driving a pair of bookshelves in the bedroom and the system is just a breeze to use, sound great and when its not playing shows a nice clock. can even skip forward and back tracks and pause.

I have 2 other units that just display what is playing in my room (one on my desk and one on the Hifi area)

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It is possible to make a Roon API extension that does this by subscribing to info for zones in the system and relaying it to the SB’s display…but it would have to own the relationship with the Squeezebox, render the pixels to the SB screen, etc.

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The other bonus with Harry’s RoPieee is that it provides its own extension to Roon so no API installers needed…that is genius!!!

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OK, I’m a user not a programmer. I didn’t thought it would take so much effort, so it really doesn’t make sense given the minority of users [me :slight_smile: ] wishing for this feature. But thanks for sharing your thoughts!

OK, you’ve already got me convinced. Thanks for your suggestion! :slight_smile: