Using two cores interchangeably

i’m still on the trail period and trying to see if roon fits my need, i only want to use roon to stream tidal and hopefully qubuz.
i want to run a roon core on my debian laptop at the office and control it with an android device. and an all in one installation on a windows machine at home. its very rare that my work laptop is up while i’m at home but it can happen, in any way i don’t need to use both cores at the same time.
currently i have a core on debian and when i tried to install an all in one package on my windows machine roon asks me for another authorization and therefor another purchase which of course i don’t want to pay twice.
is it possible in any way to do that?

You should be able to plug in your user name and password from your first installation. It will prompt you as to whether you want a new authorisation or to de-authorise the first one.

I run two cores with one Roon licence and switching one off and the other one on is very easy.

Thanks, I saw the de-authorize option but didn’t know how i could re-authorize again. i will try that.

Roon does not currently support Qobuz. There are rumours it’s coming but nothing is confirmed.

Every time someone asks this type of question, I feel compelled to warn them that any changes they make on one core will be lost on the other core unless they do a backup/restore.

And even then the restore mostly doesn’t work…

Hmm, I’ve never had restore fail.

Same here. And I do them quite often…

Can also vouch for restores here.