Using USB digital out

Here’s the question that completely exposes my limited understanding of the ROON ROCK NUC environment.
I have a NUC, in a fanless enclosure with an LPS which is currently connected to my DAC via ethernet.
If I made a change to a USB DAC can I simple use a USB cable from the NUC to the DAC and the new DAC it is recognized. Seems logical but just wanted to confirm. Currently don’t have a USB cable handy at the moment.

It should be recognised so long as its USB solution works with Linux.

Hello Henry,
Thanks for your reply but must admit I am not certain as to “its USB solution works with Linux”. If the DAC was from a larger world-wide firm (am considering the dCS Bartok or the new headphone amp from Focal) would the USB solution be universal or are these all somewhat proprietary?

Stick with ethernet; it is the best alternative currently. USB is not optimal, even if computer is using a LPS.

Yes, agree about ethernet and will continue if using the dCS but the Focal accepts USB or SDIF and not ethernet.
Hoping to drive a state of the art headphone system with the ROON NUC as we are moving into a condo from a house with a dedicated room and will likely get into trouble listening at the louder volumes we have been used to.

I run my headphone systems (I have two of them) with a Roon ready network streamer (Moon MiND2 Network Streamer) - then I can use any DAC I would like :slight_smile:

Works flawless; and has done so for a long time without any hint of issues.

Nucleus+ => ethernet => Moon MiND2 Network Streamer => AES/EBU => Schiit Yggdrasil Analog 2 => XLR => Moon 430HAD => XLR => Audeze LCD-4 (rev2).

Just read the specification. It should tell you if it is Linux compliant. At the end of the day it is easy to try with a cheap cable. While I agree with Tor’s assessment that USB isn’t always perfect, it can be very good and it can avoid additional hardware. I imagine the USB on something from Focal would be well engineered.

Most follow the USB Audio standards, which are supported out of the box on Linux and everywhere else. Only a small handful need a proprietary driver.

Sounds like I’m good…but just wanted to confirm.

Thanks to all for your input.

I ran into a problem getting my NUC/ROCK combo to recognize a DAC via USB.

I was able to get it to work by loading Ubuntu with Roon Server instead. This takes more work & knowledge because I had to setup Samba myself and do some additional configuration. But I enjoy tinkering with computers and while not needed, I liked the extra control I had by being able to log into the NUC to monitor & customize it.

Which dac?

@danny When I first attempted to use Roon ROCK via direct USB it was with a Schiit Yggdrasil:

Everyone on the forums was really helpful and this was one of the main reasons I bought a lifetime membership. But I was never able to get it to work, was uncertain as to what the solution would ultimately be so I returned the DAC because the trial period for returning it was closing. Fortunately Roon customer support was kind enough to extend my trial period into the next month while I attempted another solution.

I then replaced it with a Mojo Audio Mystique V2 SE DAC and encountered the same problem. It was at this point I finally figured out that having the full Ubuntu 18.04 LTS combined with Roon Server worked great and I’ve been very pleased with the solution ever since.