Using WiFi direct for Roon question

I travel regularly to a small holiday home in the mountains. There is just a crackly phone line there, no tv and no internet. It has always been my place to go and escape from a hectic job and city life, and I have a lovely stereo set up there. I have always taken my laptop and connected direct via a dac, and used media monkey to play music. But since becoming a Roony last year, boy do I miss the interface when I’m there. So I was considering relocating my core (rock on nuc) to my laptop before going and using Roon there. It would be great to be able to use my iPad to control things, but I certainly don’t want to have a router there. Is it possible to have Roon core on a laptop connected to a dac, and control via an iPad using some sort of WiFi direct without any internet or router?

In a word, no.

Short and sweet. Thanks!
So I have to control via the laptop. I surely don’t need internet if I register the core while still at home? Can’t laptops be set to act as LAN routers? And if not, why not…!

Buy an inexpensive wifi router and set up in home network?
You don’t need internet.

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Roon periodically checks your account is valid via the internet. Whilst this isnt a constant check Murphy’s law dictates it will try when you have no internet connection.

I have set up my phone as a wifi hitspot, connected both a roonserver and a tablet to it and have it work as a small portable network.

Great, I’ll give that a go. Thanks.

Come on Tony, a little optimism :grinning:image
I ran my Roon system for 1 month with no internet and had no issues. for similar humour.

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Better to be aware and make an informed decision…:grinning:

I think Macs allow this. See Not sure it will work if you don’t have Ethernet on your wired port.

olchon, when you dont have success with a remote for Roon you could seach for a Mediamonkey remote. At least for Android there is a MMremote.

Thanks. I have used this, but imagine I still need a network rather than WiFi direct. And although MM introduced me to computer audio and has served me excellently especially for all my music organising, when it comes to sitting back and playing some tunes, well, it’s just not Roon…!