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Does roon allow rooms to be off a control4 matrix amp without airplay?

I see that roon set up easily for airplay. But is there any way to use direct connection through a C4 Matrix amp? I have my roon core directly connected to the input of a C4 8 zone materix amp, But i don’t see anyway to map the drivers from the input to the room? Or is Roon Airplay only?

Control4 is only supported under nucleus- roons hardware product iirc

Not true anymore. Room posted that it is now open and usable. I am able to integrate fully with airplay.

Hi @Evan_Kohn1 ,

How are you connecting the Roon Core to the Matrix amp, via HDMI? If you play to your HDMI zone in Roon, does the audio reach the C4 Amp? Using HDMI to the amp would likely be the best bet here, and you can configure HDMI via the Composer connections screen. I hope this helps, but if not please provide mode details on how you wish to connect them, thanks!

If you are sharing Roon to multiple rooms from a single Core then you will need to consider it as a shared source. Make the connection from Core to Matrix in composer, ensure your zone driver is tied to the core driver, and then you will be able to use Navigator to select Roon and browse the library in the C4 interface.

If you want to use the Roon app, you have to understand that it can;t know which room you are pointing it to. You couldn’t have each of Control4’s end-points appear as different Roon zones and allow Roon to control them.

Personally I think it would be a worthy investment in Control4’s time to have Digital Media present each audio end-point in a project as a Roon compatible zone and have Roon stream directly out of the Control4 processor. It would be awesome. Crestron are constantly hinting at having their NAX audio system doing exactly this soon

Liam, I was running Roon Core on a Mac mini. From what i can tell the C4 Roon Core driver has no binding i can elect when i go into connections.
I was only able to see a path via Airplay.

Is Roon on a Mac able to use the Mac Mini audio output? I have only done it with Rock and Nucleus but I suspect it can. What you need to do is download the second part of the Roon control4 driver which is the zone driver. It is that zone driver that you tie to the matrix input in connections

Hi Liam,

I appreciate the help. I actually went past the 3 trial periods and just signed up for a month in hope you’re on to something.

I just added the Roon Zone Driver and used it to connect the Amp In to the MacMini - works perfectly.

Unfortunately i was thinking ethernet and multiple streams when configuring audio-in…crazy me.

You mentioned that you’ve set up a Nucleus. Can and How do you get multiple different streams, or can you? With my setup i would guess i can only get different streams with airplay to each room.

Multiple streams will require multiple streamers. So buying third party devices or building little Roon players out of raspberry Pis (not that you can get hold of any!). Roon is not a streaming service that Control4 has a streaming driver for like it would Tidal, Deezer, Amazon etc. This would be awesome if they did.

For my Control4 / Roon installations I have an audio system that works seperate from Control4 and has a Roon zone per zone. So Blustream for example, or Meridian 218s for each room. Then with Control4 I use the Meridian/ Blustream driver if I want that room to have access to other audio sources like the TV or Digital Media. 99.999% of the time the client is going to use the Roon app for Roon.

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Evan Liam has this exactly right, I have been using Bluestream Nodes into an Anthem 4 x 4 matrix and it all works perfectly well. I only have two units which is enough for me but that gives me two independent streams which works very well.

David, Yes, I was very appreciative of Liam’s info. I ended up getting 2 Pi4s with DAC Hats, that I connect to my Control4 matrix (same basically as your Bluestream), which also gives me 2 independent streams.
Also have another Pi/DAC I use in another location for another stream outside of the control4-connected system. Choices are easy once you understand the Control4 driver relationship/use case.

thanks all for all the info and help.

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