Utilising another DAC using one library

To use another DAC from the core do i need to download BRIDGE ? I’m hoping to just use one library . I have roon set up on another system using apple airport express as a zone , is it possible to bypass the airport express and utilise another DAC i have ?


You’ll need to share a little more about your setup…

What is Roon running on and what connection options are there for the two DACs?

Currently running a roon trial (expires tomorrrow ) on a mac desktop the library on an external hard drive .running through a REGA dac with good results .
Have another system in living room which has a cambridge audio DAC . Im running that zone through an airport express . Was hoping to utilise cambridge audio dac i have a mac laptop to use , my intention was to run Roon from just one library ? Will Roon Bridge allow me to do that ? Understandably , I can’t try until roon takes somes mun mun from my credit card .

If I understand correctly your setup:

  1. Roon Core is running on a Mac desktop, which connects to your Rega DAC via USB.
  2. You also have a Macbook and a Cambridge Audio DAC.

You can run Roon as a Roon client on the MacBook, connected to the Cambridge Audio DAC with USB. The MacBook should be on the same WiFi net as the Mac desktop. When you log into the MacBook and start Roon there, you can tell Roon to connect to the Core on the Mac desktop.

thanks Fernando , I thought that’s how it would work . I’m hoping i will get a better sound utilising the cambridge audio Dac . Although as we speak Im playing Roon through the system using the airport express and it sounds pretty good . It will be interesting if the DAC improves the sound output ? yet the main advantage is being able to use one library . cheers greg

If its Airport 1 the the rates are limited by the protocol. USB to the DAC might give you higher bitrates, you can see these in the signal path.

If you just need playback and no local control you want Roon Bridge from here https://roonlabs.com/downloads otherwise for control on the macbook too pick Roon Remote.

Best of luck.

thanks gordon

gordon and others
More than pleased with the result of using another system as a zone utilising another DAC using roon as a client and roon bridge .
Worked a treat the first day then the next day i was experiencing dropouts and skipping tracks. The message i was getting the track was slow to upload etc . I have searched the roon forum and have noticed I’m not the first to have had this problem .
The consensus is it is mostly a wi-fi related issue .
That said, I have persisted and for the last few days its been working fine yet after about 2 hours of using roon radio it may occasionally miss a beat . The same result in other rooms using airport express after an hour or so it will skip . Nothing dramatic but enough to be annoying .

I’m hoping to solve this issue of dropouts from my roon core to a audio zone .
Will using a powered hard drive as opposed to a USB plug and play as my music source give me more resilience and stability with the RAAT process?