V1.6 build 390 - Now Playing Screen - L/R scroll through lyrics, bio, etc

I’m not sure what you call this section in the new build, but when a song is playing, the top 2/3’s of the screen has left and right arrows enabling the user to click through a series of content (song lyrics, track credits, album review, artist bio, artist picture).

Two enhancement requests for this feature:

  1. Currently when you are viewing the right-most item (artist pic), the right-arrow is not visible, meaning if you want to see the other items you have to use the left arrow. Similarly when you view the left-most item, the left arrow is not visible. Please display both arrows all the time such that a user could loop through the content using the same button. Small UI enhancement that I think users would appreciate.

  2. This area of the UI is ripe for swipe support. I don’t see this content rotation yet added to the Android app, but as you know swipe is definitely an MVP when it comes to apps. It would be nice to have swipe support for the win/mac clients as well.

Hi, it’s the Now Playing Screen … I’ve updated the topic title and moved to feature requests.

Thanks for moving this. I thought I’d added this into feature requests. I wonder if there’s a config for the community board that could default the forum to whichever forum you’re looking at when you click “+ New Draft”. That would probably save you guys a bit of work.

It already does that, so not sure what happened in this case.

I see what happened. It doesn’t prompt you to start a new issue and I had something already in progress, still in “uncategorized.”

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