V1.8 Build764 Not responding

ROON Core v1.8 Build 764 running on NUC. Ethernet setup across. Streamer is a LUMIN Mini

Have been using this setup for months, with zero issues.

No changes on my local network or ROON hardware.

Noticed as of recently, ROON Core stops to respond. Works after I reboot it for 10-15 minutes then same behavior.

Hi @omeganebulalyrics

When you’re not able to access Roon can you access the Web UI? If so can you share a picture of this?

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Great question. And I think you may have helped me solve this issue.

Apparently, both the Ethernet as well Wifi interfaces on the ROCK were enabled. I had previously tested Wifi connectivity and disabled it (or so I thought) – and the time-out issues were due to Wifi interface being active vs. ethernet. I have now disabled Wifi and testing.

So, far so good (crossing fingers)

Didn’t think to go into the Web UI until your suggestion.

Many thanks!!

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