V1.8 export xlsx format compatibility

Roon Core Machine

Roon Nucleus

Networking Gear & Setup Details

1Gb wired ethernet connection

Connected Audio Devices

LAN attached streamer (Primare NP5)

Number of Tracks in Library

61k local, 64k total

Description of Issue

Exporting library metadata in .xlsx format is a welcome change.
However, it is not quite compatible with .xlsx standards.
In my case I have exported all my track data using client Mac OS-X 10.15.7 and :

  1. The exported file (“Librarytracks…”) is 4.9Mb

  2. This can be opened by Excel and Numbers but not by a database with .xlsx import filters (see screenshot).

ScreenShot 2021-09-24 at 4.15.03 pm

  1. Opening and saving via Excel changes the size to 5.8Mb.

  2. This can then be opened by the database using the .xlsx import filter.
    Somehow, something is missing in the export file to make it fully .xlsx compliant.

Hopefully this can be easily resolved.

I like to work with LibreOffice and there, after opening it, I can specify in which format I want to save it again. Is this not possible with Apple and Microsoft products?

Hi @RalphH, what software are you trying to use here? Can you share an example of an .xlsx file that does work with this application? I can’t make any guarantees here, but we can take a look.

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Yes it is possible, but only with spreadsheets (Excel, Numbers). My database which has a .xsls import function does not recognise the contents correctly.

My database uses FilemakerPro (v19). I have pm’d links to two files - one which works and one that doesn’t.

I can confirm that the xlsx file does work on importing to Access.

It seems that FileMaker is picky about the format. This is also discussed on their forum, sadly without a clear answer as to what the offending/missing part is.

Thanks for the heads up, BlackJack. This is the first time I’ve had this issue with FMP (over about 15+ years)
Anywho, I’m sure I can script around it somehow.

Thanks for the details and for sending those over, Ralph. I’ve passed along this info to the team. I can’t make any guarantees or offer timelines, especially since this seems to be specific to FileMaker, but I’ll update you here if I have news on this.

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I believe the issue here is that Roon is exporting the Excel file as an Open XML file posing as an Excel file (by using the xlsx extension). I can open Roon’s exported file using BBEdit (on the Mac) and I see the XML in addition to other folders in the file package.

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