V2.0 Core contra V2.0 Beta movil

Hello everyone. Since a few days ago Roon core and my mobiles do not connect. Theoretically it is because the version of the mobile is 2.0 Beta and core 2.0 normal. I cannot download another version from Google Play and since they are different versions they do not connect. Help please-
Hola a todos.Desde hace unos dias Roon core y mis moviles no se conectan.Teoricamente es porque la version del movil es 2.0 Beta y core 2.0 normal.No puedo descargar otra version de Google Play y como son versiones distintas no se conectan.Ayuda por favor-

Leave the beta program on Google play and the normal client will appear and you can install it. It might take a while for the store to be updated.

Leave the beta program on Google play…¿How?

There’s a Leave button on the Roon Arc page in the Play store

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