Valence Art Director: Quality of curation

I’m seeing some really poor images creeping into Roon - who’s approving these?


John Munson: no one. There was one crop for the avatar, but it wasn’t voted for. For the banner, it fell back to the old algorithm. Since then, someone has uploaded a few more images. Waiting for your caches to clear.

Sarah Neufeld: no one. This photo was not voted for at all. It’s falling back to the old algorithm. Since then, someone came in and voted for her images (you?), so when the caches clear, you’ll see a better image.

It’s not always a human. Instead of assigning blame, you can just click “Improve this photo” to fix it. If you aren’t interested in doing so, just wait until someone else does. It’ll eventually happen.

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Nobody is assigning blame, when pics are added they’re marked ‘Pending Approval’, so I presumed someone had approved given I’d not previously seen a pic for Sarah N. As you say, turns out it was the algorithm.

I was also under the impression „Pending Approval“ means, a human is checking the uploaded pics. Sometime the approval takes quite some time. Maybe you need to overclock your computers. :slight_smile:

That is correct. A human is just making a quick glance at them to make sure they aren’t porn or an obvious error. They aren’t doing much more.

Given the time of year, the approvals are being done sporadically, depending on what festivities the moderators are partaking in. I expect things to get faster in the new year.

Ah ha! This is a simple misunderstanding of how the images system works in Roon.

There are hundreds of thousands of photos that were not uploaded by users. The vast majority of images in Art Director come from licensed data sets we had prior to Art Director, with a tiny minority from user uploads.

If Art Director can not provide an image to Roon (no favorites, no adjustments, no uploads), the code will back off to the older image system, which is pretty dumb and does not take into account anything in the Art Director system. It’s what you had pre-880.

The “Improve this image” link is a fast path to getting a better result. Otherwise, you can just wait.

Ok, if it is a real check by someone, than give her or him my thanks. :+1: :grinning:


Those people who contribute a lot and are relatively unchallenged are invited to help moderate.