Valence Artist Image Does Not Display First in Chromecast

I believe there are several ways artist image displays can be improved, but the first is related to Chromecast.

In Now Playing view on Core and Remote devices (iMac and iPad) the Valance slot (whether roon provided or edited in) always displays first when artist images are rotated. However, this is not the case using Chromecast where the images appear randomly. It’s problematic because other artists who are not the primary artist often are displayed first as the track begins.

This can occur in a number of use cases:

  • Featured artists are listed in addition to Primary artist in Album view
  • “Also Performing” artists are listed on tracks in addition to the primary artist
  • Other band member photos are edited in to the gallery in addition to the primary artist (think Beatles with John, Paul, George and Ringo added)

The feature requested is consistency across Chromecast, Remote and Core devices to always display the Valence-slotted image first - whether it is provided by roon or edited as a substitute.

Please let me know if you can help. Thank you