Valence site wide banner "not appropriate" button

Hi there, I can see that new wide / narrow banner feature has been introduced today on Valence site.
I’ve noticed that on the wide one page “not appropriate” button stopped working.

Please see attached screenshot which ilustrates the issue (button was clicked on all three but only avatar and narrow banner have it active)

Please advise, thanks.

Any idea when this will be sorted, it should be a quick fix as it look like that “not appropriate” and “continue” butttons on wide banner page both works as continue option.


Sorry for the late response to your question. At the same time: We responded to your post by fixing it. However, in moderation I am a bit puzzled. You crop perfect crops for every photo but also label the banners not appropriate for every photo. The idea is to get good crops for every possible photo and then let all users vote for the best representation. Unless the image doesn’t technically fit of course. Voting by saying not appropriate only leads to us having to reject the crop and send it back into the ring for someone to do it over I’m afraid.

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Thanks for sorting it out Pal.
In regards to moderation I think the upload process should be separte as minimum 500x500 resolution is only good for avatar but it’s way too low for banner and a lot of artists end up with awful looking banners.
Another scenario is when low res photo or just a logo is available for an artists.
Possiblity to upload avatar on its own might be an option.
Art Director is great feature but it needs a bit of tweaking to work as intended.

Remember that a low res photo also helps identify the correct artist. If it is too shabby to use, it won’t be voted for. For me also, in the beginning I wanted badly to curate and moderate, until @danny gave me the wider context of crowdsourcing. Get good crops first, then the group of users will vote on what will be used. And right now it is only one photo per artist in the various crops. In the future we might see multiple photos and even contextual to what era/albums you are seeing. Then it is important to have great crops for as much as possible.

What puzzled me was that you had perfect crops for so much and then flagged them as inapproriate, haha. So, if you just keep them - your perfect crops will remain and not sent back to be cropped by someone else. Your best way of having a say on how it’s going to look.

Just because I’m curious about your thinking - what’s wrong with the avatar here in your opinion?

ICS example you provided here is not a good one here as both images are good quality.
And can be used avatar/banner and vice versa.
I appreciate voting option as it make sense on ICS example.
But in case there is one picture good enough for avatar and 2nd for banner process should be slightly amended.
Perhaps when uploading lower res photo and logo users should be asked do you wish you use it as banner too, logo needs be rejected as can’t be used as banner so it could be same low res photo.
If you could implement it, moderators would have less work and adding photos would more convieniet for contributors.
Main thing for me is a high quality and two photos of each artist if possible.
On the intial “add a photo” page it says:
Can you help make look great in Roon by uploading an image of the artist?
Avatar Image:
This image should be a photo of .
Wide Banner:
This image should be a good photo of .
Narrow Banner:
This image should be a good photo of .
In my opinion below example condradticts with above sentences:

With Josiah Woodson I went with your suggestion and cropped both photos.
Unfortunately lower res one was picked as wide/narrow banner too.
I believe moderators can see pictures resolution so I don’t get it why lower res one was picked as banner.
Maybe that’s somethnig you need to discuss internaly.
I also appreciate option of voting but in this case this is an unnecessary step and takes longer to process.

Oh, the point is - it’s not moderators that pick the photos. It’s the group. Here, in our moderation systems, there were not enough votes yet when you took your screenshot, so it showed this as banner. Just after, there were enough votes for the other banner to come through. Now, cache just needs to clear and your favorite banner is the banner for you, too.

Aware of that, but still there should be possibility to upload low res photos just for avatars which are not good enough for banners as for many artists that’s what’s unfortunately only available.
I believe you can come up with some sort of solution as you already did with minimum allowed resolution and narrow banner crops.
My Library/Artists looks much better with pictures instead of initials. Which leads to another feature request to be able to focus on artists with/without avatars and maybe banners too.

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