Valentine's Day Roon'ed

I’m in the midst of getting my library sorted and I’ve only added a few albums to my library from Tidal. Earlier today I was playing a few tracks from RAM (McCartney) and just left Roon to do its own thing and play music. 7 hours later it’s still going and it hasn’t picked a dud.

Compared to FLOW on Deezer there’s … well, there’s no comparison!

My wife actually made a point of saying how magnificent the music has been and that’s a rare thing for her to notice.

The Roon team have got something VERY MUCH RIGHT here.


Please to hear it but we need to know the MTTB (Mean Tracks To Bruce) number for this session. How many tracks until Mr Springsteen made his first (of many) appearance? :grinning:

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Doesn’t sound like your Valentines Day was ruined at all :hugs:

Zero Bruce … Zero Joe Cocker!

Amazingly the easy intuitive picks weren’t there - but cool tracks from the Yardbirds, Zombies, etc were.

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