Value of Upgrading to External SSD over standard HD for storage?

I used my Mac Mini M1 for the Core, along with a LaCie 2TB external hard drive. Would moving all my files to an SSD improve sound quality? The cost for a 2TB SSD is 2-3x of a non SSD.

In short, no, not a bit (pun intended)

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The only point is: a SSD is silent and a HDD not really.

and of course if the core and attached drive are not in your listening room, then even this very slight difference (that is the “noise” from the HDD) is not relevant.

Picking words here, but going from a spinning to a solid state disk does not improve sound quality
it might well reduce acoustic background noise to make those blacks even blacker…

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Thanks. The current HD is not loud at all so I am good there. Again, was just wondering if the SSD was faster.

Oh yes, of course faster, but irrelevant in terms of extracting your music files, no matter what sample rate or format you’re currently saving them as…