Van Morison's The Healing Game SE

News release from early February stated the Special Edition of this classic album would be released on CD, Vinyl, and Digital formats today, 3-22. AZ has the CD and Vinyl, but I have not found the “Digital” files for sale anywhere or on Q or T.

Any clues?

Here you go Healing game

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It’s on Tidal just not in MQA, which is a shame.

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For whatever reason, it did not show up in either Q or T in my Roon account, but it did on the desktop version. Thanks for pointing me!

It is on both now, but sad to say it is CD quality. Qobuz does have a version of the album that is 24,96, so that will become my primary. I will use the 16,44 for less critical listening.

Where are you seeing the 24/96? Just CD version showing in Ireland’s Qobuz.


I have a 24,96 version that is a Qobuz file. I am assuming it is from the original mastering of the album, not the SE.

The SE is 16,44 for all discs on Q as it is on T.

In Qobuz, several of Van’s other albums that I have never seen before in 24,96 are listed. To be clear, I have not yet played these files through Roon to authenticate the 24,96 labeling.

So now I have to go check them!

Five minutes later…

So His Band and Street Choir, Down The Road, Astral Weeks, Into The Music, The Philosopher’s Stone, Wavelength and The Healing Game are labeled as 24,96 and Roon’s Signal Path agrees.

Sorry, still no Tupelo Honey.

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