Various artist pages not created [Answered]

Hello to all,

I think you know the Rolling Stones Magazines “List of the Greatest …”.
They have one for Songs, and together with some local friends I were able to create this list, divided into five separate albums, going form place 500-400, 399 to 300 and so on, you get it. (Originally we wanted to listen through this massive list to make our own ranking…)

The thing is, when clicking on the artist that are linked under the tracks

some have their own artist page (e.g. Hank Williams), while others don’t have, for example Elvis Presley, which I am sure is present in your meta data catalogue(s):

I have already checked:
It does not matter whether I have more than just one song by this artist or not.

Setup is as follows:

Roon is up-to-date:

Music is currently played to a Meridian Explorer2.

Music is stored internally; the above mentioned albums are all stored on an external SD Card, plugged in while running Roon.

Does it take some time to display and gather all necessary information to create the artist’s page? Or are there minimum requirements to have an artist’s page created?

Cheers and thanks for any help.
Can deliver more information if needed.

Do you have any other Elvis and Hank Williams in your library?

I currently have four songs by Elvis Presley and two songs by Hank Williams. All are located on the aforementioned SD card.

Just copied some Elvis songs to the internal storage of the Mac, to no avail.

Ah. To get those artist pages, you need at least one fully identified album with at least one instance of the artist in a credit somewhere (performer, composer, tea boy, etc.). Identified albums get their metadata from the Roon metadata service.

In the case of unidentified albums (including your made-up albums), we will attempt to match up file tag artist names with existing ones in your library from your identified albums, because we have some context to avoid matching up the wrong artist with the same name. At the moment, we don’t attempt local file tag to Roon metadata service look-ups primarily because, with well over one million artists in our database, the chances of getting it wrong are too high.


I understand. Seems I have to rip the whole albums then.
I thank you for explaining this.
Keep it up.

Topic can be closed, as my “problem” was solved.