Various Artists not counted

I added about 20-30 CDs to my system. It was a collection of STAX-Records over more than 10 years. Obviously there are a lot Artists involved in this collection of about 500 tracks. The tags have been correct and allfiles had an entry in the tag “artist”.

After adding all These files to the roon system, the indicator “amount of Artists” remaind exactly the same. I am absolutely sure that there have been new Artists in These files. Searching for theses Artists works fine, only the indicated amoutn of Artists is wrong.
Any idea?

They aren’t Album Artists | Primary Artists and thus don’t count. The counter you refer to belongs to the Artists Browser, where you will end up if you click on it, which is for Album Artists | Primary Artists only.

That and following cross-reference links are the only ways to get to them.

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