Various Chris Woods mixed up

The “Chris Wood” link with the red marker leads to this page

The picture and text belong to -

“Born” and “Died” relate to Chris Wood of Traffic -

One of the Wikipedia links relates to a Jazz musician called Chris Wood.

The rightmost Weblink relates to a German DJ called Chris Wood.

Not to pile on, but I’ve got three Chris Woods listed in Roon. All three have the same credits listed with different pictures and same bio of folk musician Chris Wood. Since they’re all the same album I tried merging the composers with no luck. I tried re-identifying the album (Mr. Fantasy) with no luck. Hope you guys can sort this out. Here’s the screenshot.

Note the three Chris Wood entries.

Hi @David_Gibson + @papa.jay,

We are looking into this. I’ll be sure to let you know when we have more info.


In my library, there are basically 2 chris woods mixed up.

appears in some jimi hendrix albums. the same, as a composer, is associated to :slight_smile:
that are compositions by Medesky Martin & Wood.

that means to this other chris wood.

that, on the other hand, is also credited (worng) in jimi albums:

so basically the 2 are completely mixed up.

Yeah, I noticed that too.

Chris wood is still mixed up in the library…

The problem affects every artist that has the same name as another artist. There are thousands of examples.

John Williams
Eric Johnson

Just a few in my library.

It’s always been a problem but I think it got worse with 1.8. I wonder if something changed in the data model with an unintended impact.