Various issues with the last update

Core Machine

Qnap TS251+

Network Details

IP Time A3004NS-M

Audio Devices

Lumin U1 mini connected via USB

Description of Issue

My user experience with Roon is getting worst by the day.

At first I really liked the 1.8 and the smooth upgrade but it is getting buggier and buggier.

Some of the issues I have:

  1. Playing Tidal skips songs randomly during the song - No connection issues nor speed issues. Smooth Tidal play via other apps.

  2. If I open the app after some times the tablet was sleeping the app is frozen and I either need to kill it my self or I get a non responsive app msg. Once restarted it is good to go. (Samsung tab s5e , and on my s20)

Sudden freezes when I start playing, Especially happening if you switch from DSD to non DSD but not only then. When freeze like that it shows the small EQ animation next to the song name but the bar won’t move, song details appear on the Lumin display but time is 0:00. The only solution to that is restarting the core or the Roon service on the core. Not a DAC issue it is stopped before it gets there.

I first ignored it but it is getting more and more frequent.


Please update Roon to build 795 and the Android app.

Hi @Nir_Roiter

I just wanted to check in and see if you’re still seeing this issue on the latest version. Let us know!

Thanks for getting back to me.
Here is the situation right now.
Tidal songs issue was resolved. No skips.
The freezing app issues is better and if I recall correctly only happens on my tablet but not on my phone. It usually happens if Roon was not playing anything and was open in the background. If it plays and I open it. It does not freeze.

All other freeze issues were solved but with annoying tiny thing. When ever I start playing after some time the core gives “no audio device” or “manage your devices” comments, then within a second it recognize the Lumin and I need to hit play again.