Various metadata problems

Hi, i am a squeezebox (LMS) user, and i’m giving a try to Roon.
so, i collect here some observations, that in my opinion make Roon a disappointing product.

-I have Tons of tracks with a LYRICS tag, which is recognized by many software. as far as i see, Roon does not recognize this tag. clearly, this is a problem, because great part of tracks do no have available lyrics on the internet.

-Please note tag problems:
ROON George Frederick Handel vs CORRECT Georg Friedrich Händel (he is German, not English! For me, this is unbearable).
ROON George Dalaras CORRECT Giorgos Dalaras (He is Greek, not English!)
ROON Frédéric Chopin CORRECT Fryderyk Chopin (he is Polish!)
I understand that Roon has to make a choice between many different versions of a name (in this cases, it did the wrong one…) but i would like, eventually, to map roon choices in MY choices. I mean, map Roon’s “George Frederick Handel” in my “Georg Friedrich Händel”. Also because i have 100000 tracks perfectly tagged with my choices, and it’s impossible to tag them another time!
-In Roon, I have the option to accept Roon metadata, or use my tags, or merge them. But merging is done brainless. For example, if I merge, I get both George Frederick Handel AND Georg Friedrich Händel (for example this happen in the case I have another Händel track not properly tagged, then Roon will add a proper tag, Handel, so …). this doubled artist is certainly something i don’t want. this situation happens 1000000 times, every time roon and i have mede a different choice for the name of an artist (Merzbow vs Masami Akita, Sir Georg Solti vs Georg Solti, etcetcetc)

-If I select Genre - Classical, I get: whatever! For example i get: Amalia Rodrigues, Archie Shepp, Arto Lynday, Carla Bley, Carmen McRae!! I don’t understand whats’s going on, but THIS IS NOT in my tags.
Besides, if I look for example to my Archie Shepp albums in Roon, i see that no one corresponds to genre CLASSICAL. So it seems that Roon considers A. Shepp a classical artist (maybe because he has made some classical albums?), despite my A.Shepp albums are all Jazz albums.

-Rating: for every album you have a rating. NOT your own rating, but Roon rating. You can add your rating, but the default, the one you see, is Roon’s one. BAD. it should be the opposite way. and i would like to disable external rating.