Various Odds and Ends

There appears to be a limit of 23 sub-genres (at least when I imported from iTunes there was such a limit).

I’d like to be able to edit/delete genres I enter. I’ve made typos or abandoned by genre structure and I’ve not figured a way to either edit or delete the genres I’ve created.

When viewing albums in a genre, if I select “Sort by Album Name”, I’d like Roon to remember this is how I want to view - presently it default to “Sorted by Artist”.

I have a compressed version of my library on my iPad. It would be nice to use Roon instead of ITunes to play this (e.g., when away from home).

I’d like to control the images for genres/sub-genres. Not sure how to do this.

I’d like to see the battery, time, etc. on the iOS app.