Vast majority of Artist / Album artwork not appearing on user interface


Currently running Roon Core on a QNAP TVS-882. v1.5 (build 323) 64-bit.

Both the QNAP and Roon devices are all hard-wired.

around 95% of artwork (Album or Artist) is not displayed on the browser.

Core is running on an internal Samsung SSD. The QNAP was initially set up with 2x 6TB HDD’s (DataVol1). As this volume was approaching it’s threshold we purchased an additional 2x6TB drives (DataVol2) to add more music as time progresses.

From what I can tell, all of the albums are present on the Roon browser, but no artwork is displayed save for a few clusters of albums here and there. Clicking on the album shows a black square with a spinning wheel where the artwork should be. This is regardless of whether the media is viewed on an iPad / PC etc.

I have downloaded the most recent logs which can be found here:

Any help much appreciated.


Thanks for the report, @David_1981!

Is this a new Roon setup? Is audio analysis happening currently that could cause some (temporary) slowdown?

May I ask that you please your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.


No, the system has been installed for around a year. Artwork not appearing was originally a minor annoyance, but the more music we are adding is making the interface look pretty bad.
There is no audio analysis going on in the background.

The router is a TP-Link TD-W9980, connected to a Netgear ProSafe 24-Port Gigabit Ethernet switch. The QNAP (and all other devices in the network) connect to the switch.

Thanks for the details, @David_1981!

For one of these albums that you’re experiencing this with, may I ask that you confirm that it has been identified by Roon? If you go to Edit > Edit Album and scroll to the Album Artwork section, is there any artwork found? Can you share a screenshot of this?

Additionally, is this happening for both local content and TIDAL content?


This is one album without artwork. I went in to edit it, then selected “Identify Album”, and it appears that I’m already using the Roon metadata. However, there is no artwork after re-identifying either

This doesn’t seem to be happening on any of the 40 Tidal albums added to the library, save for one (top-left of screenshot below). Re-identifying didn’t correct it either.

Try to turn on VPN, e.g. AVG VPN, and restart, it helped me in similar situation.

Thanks for the details, @David_1981.

I’d like to recommend a test that should provide a great data point for our investigation. I’d like to see if you’re able to see images with a fresh database. Please follow the steps listed below and let me know if you’re able to see album art:

  • Make a backup of your current Roon database. You shouldn’t need to restore the backup as a part of this process, but it’s always good to have one in case it’s needed.
  • Locate your Roon database according to these instructions
  • Rename the entire Roon (or RoonServer) folder to roon_old
  • Relaunch Roon, sign in, and configure a new install

These steps will allow you to set up a fresh Roon database. Import your music here and let me know if you’re able to see artwork.


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I have done this and everything seems to be filling up nicely. Just perplexed as to how it happened in the first place.

Thank you for your assistance.


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