Vault2 - adding to watched folder list

How do I add a Bluesound Vault2 to the watched folder list?
Roon only seems to identify a small number of albums I have ripped to the Vault2.
I think I need to add the Vault2 to the watched folder list to rectify this problem.

Hi @Stephen_Cartwright,

Welcome to the forum. To add the Vault2 to Roon, you would need to specify the IP/Hostname and folder in Roon Settings -> Storage.

Further information can be found on our Add Folders By Path guide. If you still have issues connecting to it after looking over the article, please let me know and provide a screenshot of any error messages.



I have found the IP address of the Vault2, however, I do not know how to find the folder.

I’ve tried inputting just the IP address;

cifs://, and

neither of which seem to work

Hi @Stephen_Cartwright,

I would try smb:// as the share location, please see:

Many thanks - this worked :grinning:



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Hi @Stephen_Cartwright,

That’s great news :slight_smile: . If you have any other issues, just let us know!

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