Vaya con dios problems

Artist: Vaya con dios
Album: Night owl

correct composer of some tracks is Jean-Michel Gielen. in this track lists, it comes from my file tags.
Roon reports both Jean-Michal Gielen (i could solve this, by merging…), but also
michael gielen, who is another person (conductor).

finally, consider first track. Two composer link: Una Balfe and U. Balfe. in my library they are both inactive: probably they are generated by my file tags, as looking at the composition she is not present.

this is another example of roon incoherent way to treat track credits: on track listing it merge its database metadata with file tags, but down deep in the composition… it completely ignores file tags. and it does not even create a composer correspondence for the file-tag composer (that’s why links are not active). Here more on this problem, that really bothers me:

Note: same problem in other Vaya con dios albums:
-The best of
-what’s a woman