Vega Exact Clock and HQ Player

Hi @hammer ,

I saw that you are upsampling to DSD 128 in HQP and sending it to an Auralic Vega. I’m doing the same and wanted to check how you found the exact clock setting. I leave the Vega on and use a Regen, but still get occasional periodic static which I have to stop and start play to avoid when using exact clock. It seems to be some frame mismatching with the DoP.

Do you bother with exact clock using HQP ? I think it makes less of a difference with HQP. If so, do you get occasional static and is there anything you’ve tried that reduces or eliminates it ?

Hi @andybob, yes, I use the Exact clock settling, but without my Regen (amber). I found that with the Regen in the chain, the static comes up much more often. Now, it only happens every so often. I also found that if I change the input on the Auralic from USB to say COAX, it sort of “resets” the unit and the static occurs less. Not very scientific, but seems to work. I am waiting for the Vega firmware update with the hope that this issue will be corrected.



Thanks Henry, I’ll try it without the Regen.

Hi Henry,

I’m curious as to what Vega update you’re waiting for? 2.0 for quad DSD?


The Australian distributor has told me that I must return my Vega to Hong Kong in order to have the firmware upgraded. Sounds very inconvenient.

Andy, in addition, I’ve found that a high quality USB cable also helps. I don’t use anything fancy, just a short Pangea cable, but I found it works better than the Belkin cable I had been using (in addressing this particular problem).

Good luck! Henry

Hey guys - I’ve got a similar setup to you.
I’m finding that if I put the Vega to sleep, but leave the Roon/HQP server on, when I power on the Vega I’ve got to restart HQPlayer before it will work.
Do you have the same issue?