Vega G2 & 4x Aries Mini: Loss of group sync after power-up

I have a situation with a system that uses five Auralic devices as Roon endpoints. The sync between the device types is thrown off every time the system is rebooted. The clients are sometimes away for weeks at a time, so the equipment rack is powered down.

Kit list:

  • Innuos Statement (Roon Core) 1.8 (build 806)
  • Auralic Vega G2 (wired)
  • 4x Auralic Aries Mini (wireless only - wired not possible)

The hard-wired kit is connected to an unmanaged ethernet switch, and the wi-fi devices are on a Ubiquiti Unifi network.

When the zones are grouped together, they are in sync. However when the rack is powered up again the sync on the 4x Aries Mini units is still okay, but the Vega G2 lags behind by about 100ms.

The client has to ungroup and re-group the zones each time in order for them to stay in sync. Is there a workaround whereby the re-group can be automated?

Master clock priority is set to default. Setting the Vega G2 to ‘1 (Highest)’ didn’t seem to help.

I haven’t applied a group delay to any devices because the sync is only thrown off after a power cycle.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance.

This should probably be in the @support category for better visibility by Roon Support, no?

Hello @David_Quigley1 ,

Thank you for the report here and for your patience while this has reached our queue!

I have mentioned your report to our hardware team and we are going to reach out to Auralic directly regarding this behavior.

Once we have any updates to share, we will let you know, thanks!