Vega G2 disappeared from Roon networked devices

Hi - I am hoping for some help in getting Roon to find my G2 please. I haven’t changed any settings, but my Roon core laptop has been unable to find the G2 even though it shows as networked on my laptop and I’m able to use it fine via Auralic’s Lightning app. It’s been like this since yesterday afternoon, so I left it overnight thinking it might be a temporary glitch.

The Vega is set to Roon ready and I’ve tried unplugging/ replugging everything and uninstalling/ reinstalling Roon. My Roon remotes don’t see my laptop Roon core either.

Thank you.

Sounds like a clue.

Flagging @support for you.

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But my laptop (core) sees the Vega in Windows explorer as connected to my router.

My iPad and iPhone see the Vega on the network and both can control the Vega via Lightning DS (so at least I have music!).

My laptop/ Roon core sees my TV and Naim Muso as networked devices, just not the Vega. Perhaps something has changed with the Vega that I don’t know about (Lightning 5.3).

Sometimes I miss my Garrard 401! :slight_smile:

Hi @Eddie,

So we can better assist you, please describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

Since experiencing this issue have you tried rebooting your Core machine?

If you temporarily disable the firewall on your Core machine is there any change here in either remotes connecting or the Vega appearing in Roon?

Hi @dylan thank you very much for helping - I will do mu best to answer your questions, though I’m not much good with this kind of thing.

If I start at the beginning, I have a BT Home Hub 5.0B router. That is physically connected via ethernet to my Vega G2 and our BT Home View TV box only. Via Wifi, there are numerous ipads, iphones, kindles, TV, Naim Muso QB and a couple of laptops.

Yes, I have tried restarting my laptop (core) and uninstalling/ reinstalling Roon, but nothing changed - I have also tried disconnecting and restarting the Vega. Again, no change, unfortunately.

If I start up Roon core on my laptop and go to settings and audio - it only sees the WASAPI/ ASIO drivers connected directly to the machines and, in terms of networked devices, just my Sony TV and Naim Muso QB (Roon shows as playing to this devices, but there is no sound from the device via airplay).

With regards firewall disabling, please can you point me in the right direction to action that?

As mentioned, my networked devices work fine with their own native apps (Lightning DS for the Vega, Naim app and Mconnect for Muso).

Thanks again, Eddie

Hi @Eddie,

Thanks for the details here!

First, if possible, I definitely recommend connecting your Core machine to the network via Ethernet (even if just as a temporary test). As mentioned in our Networking Guide, we always recommend having your Core connected via Ethernet.

This article will walk you through disabling your Windows firewall for testing purposes here.

Thanks Dylan, I will try your recommendations.

I have noticed that my laptop (work unit) uses Avast business security, rather than windows. I will have I.T check that nothing is blocking Roon (it says allowed on the control panel).

Avast isn’t new to my laptop, but settings may have somehow changed.

Thanks, Matthew

All sorted!

I think the problem was that Avast had set my network to public not private and had blocked roon. I think this might have happened when I joined a different network last week when I was out and about for work!

Thanks for your help @dylan - I’ve at least learned something and will know where to look if this happens again.



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