Velvet Underground - Matrix tapes - AMG metadata issue

The AMG metadata / track listing for this 4 CD release is incorrect, and seems to correspond to a Pitchfork posting and/or a press release. the Final track listing is different. and hence it doesn’t identify!

Hey @mjt5282 – I just took a look and it seems like our metadata providers have given us an accurate track list (at least based on what I’m seeing online), but unfortunately they don’t have track timings yet.

It’s a lot harder for Roon to make identifications without track timings, so we often pass on making making that match automatically, in order to avoid false positives. For a new release like this, we usually get the timing from our provider within a week or two, and the identification works from then on.

Does that sound like the case here, or are you actually seeing a different track listing? Can you point me to the track listing for your files? Then I can compare against what we have in our database.