Vengerov / Rostropovich concertos

The Vengerov / Rostropovich violin concertos #2 of Shostakovich and Prokofiev on Teldec identified but not breaking the six tracks into 2 compositions.

The CD of violin concertos #1 by same artists and composers were identified perfectly

Thanks in advance

You can help clumping sometimes by editing the underlying metadata. Could you post a screenshot of the track titles from a programme such as MP3Tag?

Calling each track title “Concerto X: I”, “Concerto X: II”, “Concerto Y: I”, “Concerto Y: II” etc helps to differentiate between works and their underlying movements.

Hi @David_Boyd. This one has caught us out, because it has two identically named compositions in a row, albeit with different composers (which we should have spotted). I’ve made an edit directly to the MusicBrainz metadata for this album which will take a week to be voted through (or not), and then up to a week for your library to take it in.

The new metadata system that we are currently building should prevent this kind of thing happening in the first place. I’ll put a ticket into our system to make sure we test against this edge case.

Thanks for letting us know.

The MusicBrainz change has already been approved, so the updated metadata should hit your library within a week.

Joel: thanks for this


Joel: my #2 concertos are now broken out as two compositions BUT the album level info (title, description, art) are identical to the #1 concerto album info. This printscreen shows the composition properly (Prokofiev #2) but album level info is from it’s “sister” album



This time it’s Rovi with the right cover, right tracks, but wrong title which is confusing us! I will let them know.