Ver 1.4 A Few Interface Recommendations

Love most of the interface changes in ver. 1.4. A few requests:
1.Noticed that “play from here” is in more places, but I would still want to use it for every list.
2.Thumbs up & down for the radio is counter-intuitive (I don’t remember all of my songs. So, knowing ahead of time that I want to skip (thumbs down) a song doesn’t make sense, however, thumbs up/down for the currently playing song does (like Pandora).
3.I like the new graphics for the “PLAY NOW” button and its pulldown configurability. Why not JUST use the pulldown graphic instead (without the “playing as… & playing to” underneath). I know it would be bigger & visually bussier (potentially obtrusive), but it would also be faster and more direct - especially on a touch screen (at least make it an option for those not using the interface on a mobile device).
Thank You