Ver 1.8.778 update, Zerotier VPN no longer working

I’ve been able to consistently use Zerotier VPN to remotely connecting to my home server (Win10 running Roon Core and Zerotier). After the upgrade to version 1.8.778, I can no longer connect remotely to the Core. The updated Roon Remote Client (Wind 10, 64bit) can see the Core, tries to connect, but keeps failing.

I’ve tried to use Splashtop to log into the server, and was able to connect locally to the Core. I’ve also tried to uninstall the Roon Remote here on the remote machine, and reinstalled the Roon Remote software (Win 10), again, Remote can see Core, but unable to connect successfully.

Does anyone have the same problem, if so, are you able to solve the issue? Thanks!

Have you tried asking in the tinkering section?

Thanks for moving my questions to the tinkering section. Does anyone have similar problems, or no problem at all? Thanks.