Verison 1.7 skipping songs and dropping Benchmark as Roon device

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Sonic Transporter i5 + ultraRendu
Roon v 1.7

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Netgear Nighthawk
ultraRendu hardwired to router via TP-Link powerline ethernet adapter

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Benchmark DAC2 USB

Description Of Issue

I updated to version 1.7 a few days ago, and since then I cannot keep my Benchmark DAC2 attached to Roon. What happens is when I play an album in Roon, it skips through all the songs of the album and then detaches my Benchmark DAC device from Roon and I cannot reattach it through the ultraRendu interface. Yesterday I reinstalled the ultraRendu operating system software and that “fixed” it for 24 hours but now Roon dropped the Benchmark again and I’m thinking there’s some setting somewhere that isn’t correct.

Any assistance is appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi @Jeffrey_Kear,

So we can better understand what you’re experiencing, please verify the following:

  • Is the Core machine connected directly to the Nighthawk via Ethernet or is there other networking gear in play?
  • Does the same behavior occur if you play to System Output of a remote without DSP?
  • What are you download speeds?
  • Do you receive any error messages when this occurs?

Thanks dylan.

Yes the Core machine (Sonic Transporter i5) is connected directly to the Nighthawk via Ethernet.

Here is the chain:
Sonic Transporter i5 (core device) connected via ethernet > Netgear Nighthawk connected via ethernet using TP-Link powerline adapters > ultraRendu connected via USB > Benchmark DAC2 HGC > Conrad-Johnson preamp

I am currently not having issues playing to other devices using Roon via WiFi like my MacBook Pro or iPhone (I’m assuming that’s what you mean by “remote without DSP”).

Where would I view my download speeds? Sorry I’m not super technical.

I do not receive any error messages when this occurs.


Not sure if this helps but if I go to the ultraRendu interface and go to the “System Settings - Custom DAC” area and look at the Audio Device List, it does show this error message:
Error in alsa-capabilities (v0.9.1): aplay did not find any soundcard.

Hi @Jeffrey_Kear — Thanks for the update.

Can you share a screenshot of Device Setup for this zone as well as a screenshot of the signal path when playing to it?

As a test, it would be interesting to know if the same behavior occurs if you connect the Benchmark directly to the Core machine via USB. If that’s not possible, connecting it to a remote would also be a good test. Does this occur with the ultraRendu taken out of the chain?

So I’m not 100% sure of what you want me to take a screenshot of, but I took a screenshot of the Settings/Audio area of my Roon account and the Benchmark device does not even show up. This is the problem … it’s like my Benchmark is invisible to Roon.

I have also taken a screenshots of my ultraRendu admin area. One is of the DAC diagnostics area, which says no device is found. The other is the System Settings - Custom DAC area, which displays the error: Error in alsa-capabilities (v0.9.1): aplay did not find any soundcard.

If I connect the Benchmark to the SonicTransporter directly, it also does not come up as an option in the Settings/Audio area of Roon. So Roon is not seeing it at all, either via the ultraRendu or directly via USB.

So after rebooting everything in my setup, I was able to get Roon to see the Benchmark DAC, and I have attached pics of the Device Setup area.

However, now when I attempt to play an album, Roon just skips through all the songs without playing anything.

Also, I have attached pics of the ultraRendy admin area of the DAC Diagnostics area and the System Settings - Custom DAC area.

I guess I need to know what I need to adjust on my Benchmark or ultraRendu so that Roon can properly work with my Benchmark DAC like it did before the latest Roon OS update.

Thanks again for your help.

Could you power cycle the ultraRendu and/or the Benchmark DAC a couple times? The symptoms you described happened to once in a while, and was always able to resolve it by powering them off/on.

The DAC will not show up in Roon if the ultraRendu is not able to see it either (the first screenshot you posted of the ultraRendu interface).

Hi @Jeffrey_Kear — Can you try this and let us know if this helps?

  1. Remove the power cable from the Rendu and the DAC.
  2. Connect the power cable to the DAC and power it on.
  3. Connect the power cable to the Rendu.
  4. Go to Apps / DAC Diagnostics and confirm the DAC is present.
  5. Go to Settings / Roon Ready and press Save.
  6. Go to Roon / Settings / Audio and enable the Rendu.

Thanks, Dylan and Bart. After several Rendu, Roon and DAC reboots and powerdowns, I have finally been able to get the ultraRendu to see the Benchmark DAC and have been able to get it to play properly.

I think the real issue here is that the Benchmark has settings for USB 1.0 and USB 2.0, and I am having a difficult time keeping the 2.0 setting active. I never had this problem before with the older Roon OS, and I’m wondering if there’s a disconnect between Roon 1.7 and my Benchmark DAC on “fixing” that setting so that I’m not having to constantly reboot and reinstall things (like the ultraRendu OS) in order to get things to see each other.

Thanks again for your help

I’m still having issues with Roon and ultraRendu recognizing that my Benchmark DAC is in USB 2.0 mode. Do you have a fix for this or should I revert to the previous OS, as it does not look like Roon 1.7 is built to handle this.

Still having issues. Roon 1.7 not able to sync with Benchmark because it will not work with device setting for USB 2.0. Could someone please assist me with this or provide some kind of guidance? I’m really at wits end trying to figure this out.

There’s no going back to a previous Roon release, unless you can restore it from a backup of your Core machine.

If you can, Roon Remote and Bridge probably won’t work.

@support has had its hands full lately, but I am tapping them on the shoulder here.

I’ve found the Benchmark folks to be most congenial. Did you try talking to them?

Hello @Jeffrey_Kear,

The Roon 1.7 should have no bearing on how the the ultraRendu probes the Benchmark DAC for formats. This is handled by the RAAT protocol which runs on the ultraRendu and was not updated with Roon 1.7.

The Sonore support team is best positioned to help determine why you are seeing this behavior. The Sonore team often works with us to resolve issues like this, they will be able to gather device logs from the ultraRendu, diagnose what is occurring, and reach out to their Roon technical contacts if further assistance is needed.

@xxx also brings up a good point, which is that the Benchmark support team is top notch and also a great resource to tap for issues like this.


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