Verizon 5g internet

Curious what the experts on here think about Verizions launch of their 5G internet service? For those of us who wired everything in the house how would wifi being the primary stream affect that setup? Seems it would negate the sonic advantages of wired devices?

Verizon 5G home broadband is not Wi-Fi. Regardless, the physical layer of your broadband connection – provided adequate bandwidth – has no effect on sound quality.


No sonic advantages of wired in my setup sounds identical to wired. It’s just overall more stable that’s it

5g shouldn’t be seen as any different to other methods of delivering broadband at the moment. It employs wireless delivery but I suspect will employ sim cards or similar like 4g so terminating at a router and redistribution via normal wired and wireless methods is the only fit right now. We are still figuring out how to do deliver in the UK. The owners of the licences don’t have the density of street furniture required to do this so expect alliances such as that already seen between BT (furniture) and EE (licence).

There is one benefit that I could see with 5G and that would be whenever Roon does come out with a Mobile version of its software. I would imagine that streaming High Res via cellular would benefit greatly from 5G transfer rates provided your local internet setup can handle the upload speeds that might be required.


While 5G will certainly arrive in the mix of broadband delivery systems, there’s a fair way to go. Not only because the standards and the implementations are both in their infancy, but as Henry alludes to, 5G requires a higher density of transmission masts than 4G, so there’s a major investment ahead for the telecom companies.

And where will this investment occur? Why, in cities and along motorways (to support self-driving vehicles) first. So if you live out in the sticks (as I do), it will be a very long time before you notice any benefit from 5G.