Verizon 5g problem

Having problems connecting to Verizon 5g on nucleus one very slow connecting to server is there something i can do to solve problem

@Rick_Edwards, welcome to the Community. Can you explain your network in more detail, and what specifically you mean by:

Verizon internet is a 5g network 5g modem standard 2.4 GHz verizon is 5 GHz when i start app to connect necleus one it eventually connects but takes a long time

Are you using Verizon’s FiOS wireline or 5G wireless connection (this isn’t clear)? How is your Nucleus One connected to the Verizon modem?

Fios wired

First time on a forum so sorry if not clear

Ethernet cable

Wired connection it connects but much slower then when i had wireless connection just got nucleus everything is transferred but it takes a longer time to connect to server then before

Works great 9nce connected

No worries, just trying to understand your Roon system.

Can you explain more of what you mean by “once connected”? Typically Roon users leave their Roon Server computer connected all the time, so connecting and re-connecting are not typical issues.

What are you using for a Roon Server? Is this an always-on computer or do you turn it on and off each time you use Roon? Also, is the Roon Server computer the one taking a long time to connect, or a Roon Remote (such as a phone or another computer running Roon Remote)?

Leave your Nucleus on and connected to the internet with Roon running 24/7. That’s the beauty of using a Nucleus. You don’t need to leave your Roon client on except when actively using Roon.

Ok thankyou

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