Version 1.7 & Fiio M11?


Updated to version 1.7 successfully on my iPhone, iPad, and iMac, but cannot update on my FiiO M11. Error: Software update needed on a network device. Roon core is on my NAS, and is version 1.7, but "Roon on the Fiio is listed as 1.6 (build 401) stable, but the only option to update seems to be on the Goggle Play Store. As far as I know, the Play Store is not compatible with the M11, and cannot see any way to update the FiiO to access Roon. Everything was working great before the update yesterday.

Hope anyone can help or has some ideas to solve this issue.



Hi @Art_Levine,

You can download the Roon app from this link:

Just a word of caution, the new Roon App requires OpenGL ES 3.0 and above, it is not entirely clear if the FiiO M11 supports this OpenGL version.

I would give the .APK a try, but if you have issues with it and it doesn’t work, it is possible it does not meet this requirement.


I found it and it does work. Thanks…

Hi @Art_Levine,

Thanks the the update here, glad to hear the APK is working for you!

Curious why the OpenGL update is required to pass data between a .1 version difference in the software. I’ve got the x7 mk II and 1.7 doesn’t seem to work on that. All I’m trying to do is use it to connect to my core.

Hi @Thomas_Sola,

For our latest 1.7 release, we re-built most of the Android infrastructure. The new 1.7 build requires OpenGL ES 3.0, if you device does not have this OpenGL version, it will unfortunately not work with Roon. I suggest reaching out to Fiio to see what OpenGL version your endpoint is using.

Thanks for the reply. Why did you break API backwards compatibility in a dot release? And without warning the user (in th UI, I mean)? None of that is considered good practice.

Hi @Thomas_Sola,

The new Android Infrastructure requires OpenGL ES 3.0 and above to function properly.

A “dot release” for us is actually a major version release, we’re still on 1.X at the present time although there have been 500 “builds” (what you could typically consider a dot release) in the meantime.

I understand it’s not the most convenient to be subject to the new OpenGL limitations without warning, I’ll inform the product team of your complaint to see if we can do better in the future, but this does not change the current OpenGL requirements for your specific case.

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