Version 1.8 (build 988) stable - Control4 showing 'Connecting'

One of my clients recently updated their Roon system to 1.8 (build 988). We’re running the latest version of the Control4 driver. It had previously been working perfectly with Control4 for a couple of years through many updates, but since then the Control4 driver cannot see the Roon server. It just shows ‘Connecting’ on the Control4 driver status.

I’ve tried the normal, remove and re-add driver. Operating system re-install on the Nucleus.

Gone into extensions, removed authorized Control4 extension, then when I’ve gone back to re-add it does not appear.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @Martyn_Jepson1 ,

Can you please check your Control4 Composer settings? What do you see listed for the Roon Core driver, is the IP address you specified in Composer still the correct IP address for your Roon Core? Please share a screenshot of the Roon Core driver with the values you’re seeing, thanks!

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