Version 1.8 not working - Help Needed

Hello. I’ve downloaded the new app both on my Iphone (running IOS 14.3) and PC (running Win10). My Roon Core is a Roon Nucleus. I can see the page but it does not play music. Also I cannot see my full settings on my PC (while I can on my Iphone). Help please! @supportteam

Hello @Franco_Agopyan ,

Thanks for reaching out!

Do you get any error messages in particular?
Does the issue affect multiple zones or just one?
Is there any change in behavior if you reboot the Nucleus + your network gear?

I can’t download the 1.8 update to my iMac. I get an error message “404 OOPS! PAGE NOT FOUND” when it goes to the download page. Can someone please help? i’ve updated my control apps on my phone and iPad, and now they say in need to update to 1.8 before i can use the program.

Hi @Anthony_Guccione,

It looks like our downloads page here should be up and running — Can you try installing it from here? Thanks!

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