Version of Remote IOS and Android app compliant with release 1.8

Is there somewhere one can find the version of the Android and IOS Roon Remote app compliant with version 1.8. I noticed that the latest version number on IOS is 1.7.00610.

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Checkout the Roon Help / knowledge base …

I suspect it will be 1.8.xxxxx and it will have a current date.

@Paul_RIder Jim is correct: you will need a 1.8.xxxxx iOS or Android remote app to work with a 1.8 Core.

But the new iOS versions are not showing up yet - in the UK anyway. So avoid updating the Core until they do turn up?

It is 9am EST US and 1.8 has not been released into the wild yet.

Correct. As Brian mentioned in another thread, we are somewhat hostage to the speed at which Apple (in particular) deploys the apps once we press the big green “GO” button. Only once we can see the apps appearing in the App and Play stores will we release the Core builds.


Wait for Roon to tell you there is an update and then defer this unti the new app is available from the App Store.